Amy and her family


Amy Sylvester

Here's Amy at about 8 from the front page of her mom's newspaper, Child's Play


Michael Sylvester and Grandma Beverly Gordon

Here's her oldest, Michael with his Mormor. (Norwegian for Mother's Mother.)

Mike again in 2007

Here's Mike in 2007.

Some pictures of Michael's Baptism


Next in line is Chris
Christopher (Chris) Sylvester

A happy Chris at his Aunt Angie's House.

Thomas Thomas Sylvster smiling
 Since he's so young, we don't have "before and after" pictures of Thomas, so here's a couple recent pictures.

And the youngest of the group is Victoria,

Here's Victoria with her Grandpa! Isn't that a lovely hat she's wearing?


A few Pictures of Victoria and an outfit Beverly made for her in October, 2007 (about 6 months after the above shot was made.)