Sam and Angie Cavanaugh


Angelina (Angie) Cavanaugh is the illustrator of Home School, High School, and Beyond.

     Angie is shown here with her husband Sam and new baby (born in June of 1998) Caitlynn Marie Rose.

    Angie and Sam are both Washington state natives and live in Everett, Washington.


Angie, Sam, and Caitlynn Cavanaugh
   This picture, taken on Easter Day, 2007,  shows the smiling Cavanaugh family. Caitlynn, Mom (Angie) and Day (Sam).

How could you NOT love a smile like this?

Caitlynn's picture taken in January, 2000, when she was about 18 months


Caitlynn and her aunt Brittany are playing a game.

Here is the 1998 Christmas picture of Angie and Sam's baby, Caitlynn Marie Rose Cavanaugh. Doesn't she look just like her daddy? 8b3l4804.jpg (19121 bytes)

Another Christmas 1998 picture caitlynn marierose cavanaugh
Unfortunately, we've skipped about 7 years, but here's a picture of Caitlynn from April of 2007. Notice that she's always got her happy smile. Caitlynn Cavanaugh

Sam's former ship, the U.S.S. Paul Hamilton, DDG-60. Angie is sure she can see Sam standing on the deck in this picture, but we're not sure.



U.S.S. Paul Hamilton DDG-60

Sam's also served on the U.S.S. Ford, based in Everett, Washington.
  Sam made Chief in the early fall of 2006! He's serving on the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln, a Nimitz-class Carrier based in Everett.

Here is Angie as
a Camp Fire Girl.
This picture was
taken around 1987.


Camp Fire Girl Angie

History Day

     In 1991, Angie participated in National History Day with an exhibit on "Photography, Technology at your Fingertips."

     After qualifying at the preliminary judging at Green River College, she went on to the State Finals in Ellensburg, Washington, where she came in fourth in the state for her classification.


Angie at National History Day

Valentine's Day

     This was the cover picture from Child's Play newspaper of February 1983. 

     A young Angie Cavanaugh was busy creating Valentines.


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