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United States History/Geography

A History of Man's Progress from 1930 to the Prese 
$12.95 Online: $9.00

A History of Rialto (California) 

A Nation of Newcomers. Ethnic Minority Groups in A 

Alaska: A History of the 49th State 

American Family Dolls from the Pilgrims to Civil W 
$9.95 Online: $7.50

Bingham: Fighting Artist 
$9.00 Online: $5.00

Annals of America 2 1755-1783 Resistance & Revolu 

America Rebels: Narratives of the Patriots 

American Machiavelli, Alexander Hamilton and the O 
$30.00 Online: $10.50

American Realities: Historical Episodes 
$9.95 Online: $4.00

Americans Before Columbus 
$12.95 Online: $5.00

An American Diary 

An American History Revised Edition (1923) 
$12.95 Online: $5.00

An American Revolutionary War Reader 

An Illustrated History of SE Washington PYOHL061 

An Illustrated History of the Big Bend PYOHL056 

An Illustrated History of Walla Walla Cou PYOHL063 

Gateway to America: Miss Liberty's First Hundred Y 

Angry Testament 
$6.50 Online: $4.00

Atomic Frontier Days: Hanford & the American West 

Basin: A History [Basin Montana] 
$6.95 Online: $3.00

Big Day in Larned 

Bodie 1859-1900 

Brother against Brother: The War Begins (Civil War 
$14.95 Online: $5.50

History of the Kuykendall Family PYOHL058 

History of Washington: The Rise PYOHL064 

Cheating Death Amazing Survival Stories from Alas 
$14.95 Online: $5.00

Decade of Decision: 1855-1865 

Decisive Battles of the Civil War 

Doctors with Buggies, Snowshoes, and Planes 
$9.95 Online: $6.50

Down the Great Unknown John Wesley Powell G Canyon 
$13.95 Online: $12.55

Eighty Years in the Changing West PYOHL055 

Faces of the Spirit, The Otterbein Home, 1912-1987 
$9.95 Online: $5.00

FDR's Folly How Roosevelt and His New Deal Prolong 
$27.50 Online: $7.00

Founding Brothers 
$34.95 Online: $12.95

George Washington: Soldier and Man 
$5.00 Online: $2.50

Gettin' To Know Me (Teacher's Guide) 
$15.00 Online: $10.00

Heart of the Trail: Stories of 8 Wagon Train Women 
$9.95 Online: $5.00

Historic Glimpses of Asotin County PYOHL069 

Historic Sketches of Walla Walla, Whitman PYOHL060 

History of Garfield County 

I'm a Sooner Born 

Last Flag Down 
$14.95 Online: $12.95

Laura Wilder of Mansfield (1982 Fifth Edition) 

Lee of Virginia 

Legends & Lies 
$14.95 Online: $13.46

Liberty! The American Revolution 
$19.95 Online: $12.50

Living American Documents 
$6.00 Online: $3.00

Love Untamed: Romances of the Old West 
$10.95 Online: $5.00

Lyman's History of Old Walla Walla County PYOHL059 

Made in Hanford: The Bomb that Changed the World 

Mile High Fever, Silver Mines, Boom Towns, Comstoc 
$25.99 Online: $11.95

Moscow: Living & Learning on the Palouse (Making o 
$24.95 Online: $22.95

Nevada State Historical Society Papers V (1925-26) 

Nixon's Secrets: The Rise, Fall, and Untold Truth 
$24.95 Online: $6.00

On the Home Front The Cold War Legacy of Hanford 

Oregon Literature 

Oregon Literature (1st and 2nd Editions) PYOHL065 

Some are called Clowns A Season with the Last of t 

Pend Oreille Profiles (Bicentennial Edition) 
$25.00 Online: $20.00

Plymouth in the Words of Her Founders: A Visitor's 
$6.00 Online: $4.00

Poisoning the Press: Richard Nixon, Jack Anderson 
$30.00 Online: $8.50

Readings in American History: Bicentennial Edition 
$9.95 Online: $4.00

Rebels and Gentlemen: Philadelphia in age of Frank 

Robert E. Lee's Civil War 
$14.95 Online: $6.00

She's Been Working on the Railroad 
$16.99 Online: $3.00

Silent Victory: The US Submarine War Against Japan 
$9.95 Online: $4.25

Spirit of America: Patriotic Monologues and Speech 
$11.95 Online: $8.00

Stealing the General: The Great Locomotive Chase & 
$29.95 Online: $27.95

Testament: A Soldier's Story of the Civil War 
$23.00 Online: $6.95

The Day Lincoln was Shot 

The Doctor Wore Petticoats 
$12.95 Online: $5.00

The Faithful Departed: Collapse of Boston's Cathol 
$25.95 Online: $8.00

The First Book of American History 

The Forest Service Fighting for Public Lands 
$75.00 Online: $60.00

The Glory that was Gold 

The Hawaii Book, Story of our Island Paradise 

The Humboldt Current 
$25.95 Online: $7.00

The Indians of Puget Sound 

The Indians of the Pacific Northwest 

The Loggers (Time-Life The Old West Series) 
$14.95 Online: $4.00

The long arm of America,: The story of the amazing 
$9.95 Online: $3.00

The Rawhide Railroad PYOHL062 

The Struggles for Life and home in the PYOHL062 

The Warm Bucket Brigade 
$22.99 Online: $9.00

The World of Charles Wilder, The Prosser Photograp 
$19.95 Online: $13.50

This was Wheat Farming 
$19.95 Online: $7.50

To Keep the British Isles Afloat 
$26.99 Online: $8.95

True Stories of New Jersey 

Vicksburg National Military Park, Mississippi 

War and Decision: Inside the Pentagon at the Dawn 
$27.95 Online: $7.50

Washington's Secret War: Hidden History of Valley 
$14.95 Online: $13.55

White House History, Number 10, Winter 2002 
$10.00 Online: $5.00

Wind Hard From The West: Lewis & Clark on the Snak 


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