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 History: United States
109 East Palace (Retail: $26.95)Online: $8.95-

1960: LBJ vs JFK vs Nixon: The Epic Campaign That (Retail: $17.95)Online: $10.50-

 31 Days: The Crisis that Gave us the Govt We have (Retail: $26.00)Online: $22.25-

 Annals of America 6 1833-1840 The Challenge of a Retail: $4.95 -

 Annals of America 7 1841-1849 Manifest Destiny Retail: $4.95 -

 Annals of America 8 1850-1857 A House Dividing Retail: $4.95 -

 Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years & The War Years Retail: $124.95 -

 After September 11, New York and the World Retail: $19.95 -

America Rebels: Narratives of the Patriots Retail: $3.50 -

 An American Revolutionary War Reader Retail: $4.00 -

Brother against Brother: The War Begins (Civil War (Retail: $14.95)Online: $5.50-

 Generation of Vipers Retail: $5.00 -

 Annals of America 2 1755-1783 Resistance & Revolu Retail: $4.95 -

 Annals of America 3 1784-1796 Organizing the New Retail: $4.95 -

 Annals of America 4 1797-1820 Domestic Expansion Retail: $4.95 -

 Annals of America 5 1821-1832 Steps Toward Equali Retail: $4.95 -

 Big Divide\The (Retail: $10.95)Online: $9.95-

 Breakdown: How America's Intelligence Failures (Retail: $27.95)Online: $9.95-

Colonel and Little Missy (Retail: $26.00)Online: $8.95-

Decade of Decision: 1855-1865 Retail: $5.00 -

Devil in the White City\The (Retail: $25.95)Online: $12.95-

FDR's Folly How Roosevelt and His New Deal Prolong (Retail: $27.50)Online: $7.00-

Gateway to America: Miss Liberty's First Hundred Y Retail: $2.00 -

Hanging Offense\A (Retail: $25.00)Online: $7.95-

Hollywood Party (Retail: $25.00)Online: $6.95-

I'm a Sooner Born Retail: $8.00 -

Illegal Tender (Retail: $26.00)Online: $8.95-

Impending Crisis (1848-1861) (Retail: $13.60)Online: $9.95-

Imperial Grunts (Retail: $27.95)Online: $22.36-

Imprisoned in Paradise: Japanese Roadworkers/Koosk Retail: $19.95 -

 Isaac's Storm (Retail: $13.00)Online: $10.50-

Liberty! The American Revolution (Retail: $19.95)Online: $12.50-

 Lincoln: A Life of Purpose & Power (Retail: $14.95)Online: $12.50_

 Long Day's Journey: Steamboat & Stagecoach Era (Retail: $60.00)Online: $49.95-

Meet me at the Theresa: Harlem's Most Famous Hotel (Retail: $27.50)Online: $3.95-

Poisoning the Press: Richard Nixon, Jack Anderson (Retail: $30.00)Online: $8.50-

 Politically Incorrect Guide to The Great Depressio (Retail: $19.95)Online: $16.95-

Some are called Clowns A Season with the Last of t Retail: $35.00 -

 Ten-Cent Plague The Great Comic Book Scare (Retail: $8.95)Online: $8.06-

Nixon & Kissinger: Partners in Power (Retail: $18.95)Online: $10.00-

Rebels and Gentlemen: Philadelphia in age of Frank Retail: $4.00 -

Red Cloud at Dawn: Truman, Stalin and the End of (Retail: $18.00)Online: $9.00-

Red Star Rogue (Retail: $25.00)Online: $7.95-

 Rising Tide: Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 (Retail: $16.00)Online: $8.00-

Robert E. Lee's Civil War (Retail: $14.95)Online: $6.00_

Rufus Putnam: Father of Ohio (Retail: $7.50)Online: $3.00-

The Man who Knew Too Much. Hired to Kill Oswald an (Retail: $14.99)Online: $7.00-

 Scorpion Down (Retail: $27.50)Online: $21.95-

 The Imperial Cruise: A Secret History of Empire an (Retail: $29.99)Online: $26.95-

 Sin in the Second City (Retail: $15.00)Online: $12.00-

State Boys Rebellion\The (Retail: $25.00)Online: $8.95-

Stealing the General: The Great Locomotive Chase & (Retail: $29.95)Online: $27.95-

Sudden Sea: The Great Hurricane of 1938 (Retail: $14.95)Online: $7.95-

The Alabama Arbitration Geneva 1872 Retail: $4.00 -

The American Dream, The 50s (Our American Century) Retail: $9.95 -

 The Day Lincoln was Shot Retail: $3.00 -

The Expeditions of Lewis & Clark and Zebulon Pike (Retail: $50.00)Online: $35.00-

The Hawk and the Dove (Retail: $27.50)Online: $9.95-

The Humboldt Current (Retail: $25.95)Online: $7.00-

 The long arm of America,: The story of the amazing (Retail: $9.95)Online: $3.00-

The Rebellion of Ronald Reagan (Retail: $17.00)Online: $8.00-

Traitor to His Class, Privileged Life FDR (Retail: $19.00)Online: $16.95-

Vicksburg National Military Park, Mississippi Retail: $4.00 -

Washington's Secret War: Hidden History of Valley (Retail: $14.95)Online: $13.55-

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