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The Secretary of State


Category: Social Studies: Government

Grade Level: 4th Grade & Up

Sam Wellman


Copyright/published Year: 2001 by Chelsea House


ISBN: 0791059960


Binding: Hardback

In this fascinating volume, readers will be given an in-depth look at the individuals who have held the position of secretary of state. Throughout this country's history, this senior diplomat has filled the critical job of handling U.S. relations with foreign powers.

Since the very first moments of the United States' existence, the country has had to maintain diplomatic ties with other nations. Communication plays a pivotal role in the search for peace and the growth of trade. As the head of the State Department, the secretary of state works closely with some of the most powerful officials in the U.S. government. The secretary of state guides foreign policy through combined efforts with the secretary of defense and the president.

From the start, Americans have regarded their government with a mixture of reliance and mistrust. The founders of the republic understood the importance of government. "If men were angels," observed the 51st Federalist Paper, "no government would be necessary." But men are not angels.

The delegates who gathered in Philadelphia in 1787 to write the Constitution had two purposes in mind: They wanted to establish a strong central authority and to limit that central authority's capacity to abuse its power.

The series YOUR GOVERNMENT: HOW IT WORKS provides an in-depth examination of our government and its processes and makes clear how our informed partici-pation is crucial to government's serving both the individual and the American people as a whole.

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