Give your students Spelling Power
The Spelling Power Manual
Blue Student Record Book (2nd-4th grade linespacing) ($7.95)
Green Student Record Book (4th-6th grade linespacing) ($7.95)
Yellow Student Record Book (6th Grade and above linespacing) ($7.95)

Spelling Power Quick Start Teacher Training on DVD 

Magnetic and Hands on Spelling Fun

Alphabet Stamp Set (56 wooden stamps and 4-color stamp pad) ($19.99) $17.99
Orange Magnetic Wipe-off sheet   ($4.00)  $3.60
Purple Magnetic Wipe-off sheet   ($4.00)  $3.60
Magnetic Tri-Fold Board  ($16.00)  $14.40
Magnetic Spelling Kit  ($9.00)  $8.10
Magnetic Wordbuilders Kit  ($9.00)  $8.10
Magnetic Phonics Kit  ($9.00)  $8.10
Magnetic Sentence Builders Kit  ($9.00)  $8.10


Hardback Merriam-Webster Dictionaries
recommended by Beverly L. Adams-Gordon
for use with the Spelling Power program

Elementary Dictionary (grades 2-4) Price: $18.95
Intermediate Dictionary (grades 4-6) Price: $18.95
School Dictionary (middle school)  Online Price: $17.06

Collegiate Dictionary (High School & adults)  $19.95

For your 3rd to 6th Grade students, we offer
Dictionary Detective Cards $15.45

The Italic Handwriting Program recommended by
Beverly L. Adams-Gordon

Book A (Kindergarten) ($11.75) Your Price: $10.25
Book B (1st Grade) ($11.75) Your Price: $10.25
Book C (2nd Grade) ($11.75) Your Price: $10.25
Book D (3rd Grade) ($11.75) Your Price: $10.25
Book E (4th Grade) ($11.75) Your Price: $10.25
Book F (5th Grade) ($11.75) Your Price: $10.25
Book G (6th Grade) ($8.75)  Your Price: $7.88 
Instructor's Manual ($10.75)  Your Price: $9.68
For your older (Teens and Adults) students, we recommend:
Write Now ($16.95) Your Price $14.41



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