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We can accept your check by phone, e-mail, or fax! 


How it works

     When you authorize us to create a draft, you simply provide us with some of the information from the front of your check (Check #, Bank Name, Routing Number, and Account Number). This information is then printed onto a new piece of security paper, which is then deposited into our checking account, goes through the normal clearing process in the banking system. This is not a direct withdrawal or transfer from your account..

Points to remember

  • There are no additional fees involved when we create a draft.
  • We have no more access to your bank account than if you mailed us a check.
  • Using a draft can speed your receiving your order by up to a week.

The "fine" print

     Check demand drafts, or "drafting" funds from a second party's checking account, have been a method of payment for more than 8 years. Fax, E-Mail, and Telephone checks (pre-authorized paper bank drafts) are completely legal. The primary requirement is that the checking account holder (your customer) must give you verbal or written pre-authorization. Once you've received pre-authorization, you really don't even need a signature on the paper-draft, just as you don't need a signature on a phoned in credit card order. Paper drafts are explicitly established as a legal method for payment as provided in: Uniform Commercial Code, Title 1, Section 1-201 [39] and Title 3, Sections 3-104, 3-403, 2-403 Code of Federal Regulations, Title 12 Chapter II, Part 210 Regulation J, Federal Reserve Bank, Part 2, Sections 4a-201 to 4a-212. 

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