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The Kurgan's Secret. Lost in the Kingdom of Moesia

Category: Fiction: Science Fiction & Fantasy

Author: Inis L. Fal

Copyright/published Year: 2018 by Inis Fal

ISBN: 0692049827

Binding: Trade pap

In a riveting new sequel to her first book When the Lion Roars, Inis L. Fal once again wields her powerful, spell-binding skills as an author to create a tale that will capture the hearts and imaginations of readers of all ages.

On the Isle of Skye off Scotland's ragged coastline, set against an old-world backdrop, four archaeologists working on a mysterious Norse burial-longboat suddenly find themselves swept up in an epic and dangerous adventure spanning half the globe, and centuries of lost antiquity. From the Silk Road and ancient ruins of Kyrgyzstan, across Russia's endless steppes, to treasures hidden deep within the uncharted and enigmatic Black Sea region, Regal MacLaren, Shepherd Hardy, Ragnar Magnusson and Mona VanArk must join forces with some unforeseen allies to save an ancient artifact, the symbol of a fabulous race nearly lost to the pages of history. But can they save themselves and an entire archaeological camp from extinction by a dark force, bent on altering the laws of time for its own power-hungry ends? Only the most daring of souls will embark upon this journey to discover what mysteries lie waiting within the kingdom of Moesia.


About the author:
From her earliest years, Inis L. Fal inherited a love of history and storytelling. When she was seventeen she began writing her first book, When the Lion Roars, completing it three years later. In addition to writing and historical research, she studies foreign languages and archaeology, plays the ancient Armenian duduk, weaves pine needle baskets and tends her rural mountain farm.

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