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Behold, God's Son

Category: Religion: Bible

Author: Cardinal Christoph Schonborn

Copyright/published Year: 2007 by Ignatius

ISBN: 9781586171773

Binding: Paper

Encountering Christ in the Gospel of Mark

Who is Jesus Christ? How can we really know Him? People have been asking that major question for 2,000 years. The best answers are found in the four Gospels, but how are they to be understood, and applied to our modern lives and faith?

Cardinal Schonborn, former student of Pope Benedict XVI and well-known as a brilliant theologian and spiritual teacher, presents his second volume of reflections on the person of Christ, this time as found in the words and images of Jesus seen in the Gospel of Mark. Sunday after Sunday, Cardinal Schonborn, one of the leading candidates for the papacy in the recent papal election, uses the Gospel readings from Mark to explain the beauty of the Gospel in clear and understandable words.

The Cardinal emphasizes that each of the four Gospels is unique and has its own unmistakable shape and approach. He says that no other Gospel writer talks in such a human way about Jesus as Mark. Anger and sorrow, Jesus' passionate emotional responses, are more explicitly mentioned in Mark than in the other Gospels. But however human Jesus may appear here, it is also Mark in particular who also strongly emphasizes his divinity. Believing in Jesus, having faith in him, is what Mark is all about.

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