Fiction: Young Adult (15 and up)

A Single Shard
Author: Linda Sue Park
Original Price: $5.99
Your Price: $5.39
Anna and the King of Siam
Author: Margaret Landon
Your Price: $6.00
Bugle. A Dog of the Rockies
Author: Thomas Hinkle
Your Price: $4.00
Collected Novels of Jules Verne
Author: Jules Verne
Original Price: $12.99
Your Price: $8.00
Lost Race of Mars
Author: Robert Silverberg
Your Price: $15.00
Moon of Mutiny
Author: Lester Del Rey
Your Price: $7.00
Point Blank
Author: Anthony Horowitz
Original Price: $9.95
Your Price: $3.00
Shadow Hawk
Author: Andre Norton
Original Price: $12.95
Your Price: $12.00
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
Author: Barbara Robinson
Original Price: $4.95
Your Price: $3.95
The Big Wave
Author: Pearl S. Buck
Original Price: $3.50
Your Price: $2.00
The Cliff Island Mystery (Roy Stover Mysteries)
Author: Philip A. Bartlett
Your Price: $50.00
The Happy Hollisters and the Scarecrow Mystery #14
Author: Jerry West
Original Price: $3.00
Your Price: $2.00
The Kurgan's Secret. Lost in the Kingdom of Moesia
Author: Inis L. Fal
Your Price: $21.95
The Mysterious Planet
Author: Kenneth Wright (Lester del Rey)
Your Price: $3.00
The Secret of the Ninth Planet
Author: Donald Wollheim
Your Price: $6.00
The summer I was lost
Author: Phillip Viereck
Your Price: $3.00
Toni the Little Wood-Carver & Other Stories
Author: Johanna Spyri
Your Price: $5.00
Treasure Island (Children's Classics series)
Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Your Price: $4.95
Trouble on Titan
Author: Alan E. Nourse
Your Price: $8.00
Two's Company (Starlight Mysteries for Modern Girl
Author: Betty Cavanna
Your Price: $6.00
When the Lion Roars (Heirs through Time Book 1)
Author: Inis L. Fal
Your Price: $18.95