Speed Sewing. 103 Sewing Machine Shortcuts

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Grade Level:  Adults
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Author: Janice S. Saunders
Binding:  hardcover  
Copyright Year:  1982  

SPEED SEWING will build self-confidence in anyone willing to give home sewing a second chance. If your machine is lying dormant because you have never been sure how to master it--or if you are actively sewing but want to try new techniques to capture the full potential of your machine--Jan Saunders will show you the most effective ways to put it to good, creative use. Here is the first book to show exactly what happens when the needle and fabric meet under the presser foot of your sewing machine. This all-inclusive approach, organized according to the stitching techniques for the 3 types of sewing machines--straight stitch, zigzag, and reverse-action--can help cut your sewing time up to 30%, save money, and help turn your homemade projects into handmade originals.

Saunders' easy-to-understand instructions cover everything from making sweaters and machine-embroidering garments to recycling old clothes and maintaining your machine. Beginning and experienced seamstress alike will find all the information needed to sew with more speed, efficiency, and expertise. The step-by-step instructions are accompanied by 150 helpful photos and line drawings.

Condition description
1982 hardcover. Very lightly read. Has original owner's name sticker on inside front cover. Unwritten in copy. Binding is sound. Dust jacket is good.

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